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8 reasons why you need a full service marketing agency to promote your business

Designer, developer, SEO specialist, content creator, story teller, communications planner, marketing strategist, so many names for different jobs or services that all fall under the broad term of marketing. Why engage each one of these when one agency is enough?!

A full service creative marketing agency, specialises in marketing full stop! A full service agency specialises in saving you time, should be part of your team, work closely with you, take the strain and responsibility for getting your business noticed, be able to target your audience and come up with creative ideas and execute them.

1. Saving time

In the current climate, marketing managers have had their teams reduced or budgets cut, and this is where a full service agency can help. They can write the briefs, engage a team, save you time and effort, present action plans and ideas to you freeing you up to do other aspects of your day to day job.

Not all companies have an in-house marketing department or marketing manager and so it can be hard to keep on top of the latest trends in marketing. That is where a single agency can work as your bolt-on marketing department, working closely with you to set up a strategy and objectives and then execute a promotional plan on your behalf.

2. The bigger picture

A full service marketing agency will look at the bigger picture, they will work on making sure there is a strong foundation to build on, to make sure all marketing, whether a website, a case study, social media posts, literature etc all carry the right brand values and messaging and that these are all consistent.

They know about all elements of marketing, meaning that you don’t need to engage with multiple agencies which can be costly and time consuming. They are able to offer advice on all elements of marketing saving you training staff or looking for specialist agencies.

3. Laying the foundations

Using a single agency means you get the right foundations in place before building your communications plan and actively targeting your audience via the right medium. A full service marketing agency will select the right team to implement your communications plan, briefing the team fully from market research and the agreed strategy.

Without the right quality content on your website SEO won’t work, without a content strategy social media posting will be ad hoc and unstructured, without brand values and messaging your graphic application will look messy. All of these things can be resolved by having a marketing strategy, by reviewing your current situation and doing competitor analysis, building a picture of who is your target market, setting the foundations to be able to actively and effectively promote your business.

4. One point of contact

Using a full service agency offers you one point of contact via a dedicated account manager, so although there will be a bigger team servicing your account you won’t be in-undated with emails and calls from loads of individuals asking you the same but slightly different questions. Your dedicated account manager, will act as your brand manager, briefing and managing the team so you get exactly what you need to meet your marketing and communications objectives.

5. Consistent branding

Using a full service agency means you are guaranteed consistency across all your marketing outputs, it will save you money and time as assets and information can be shared across channels easily and effectively. Making sure that your communications are always on brand, helping you to stand out from your competitors.

6. Experts

It takes time to find the right experts for every element of your communications plan, full service agencies already have those experts working with them, experts in their fields but also experts in varying sectors.

7. Flexible

Just because you are thinking of using a full service agency doesn’t mean that you have to employ every area of marketing they offer. They will advise on the best channels to use and will tailor a package to meet your needs. The promotional plan should be consistently reviewed to ensure your targeted efforts are aimed at the right place.  It should be easy to adjust or changed should your target market change or an alternative method works better. Using one agency means changes to your promotional materials and channels can be managed by that agency too.

8. Fresh eyes

Investing in Network Design will bring you results and get your brand noticed because we work closely with you, taking the time to fully understand your business and market. We will help you work out a clear vision for your marketing objectives and tailor the right communication plan in order to achieve this.

When we work with a client we will be honest about what we think will work, what we need to look at first or where best to place our efforts. Sometimes when working in a business it can be hard to look at it objectively as if you were a customer so it is our job to ask the hard questions, to make you think like your customer, to understand who your competitors and what works for them. We want to make you see your business through fresh eyes.

Don’t just take our word for it, Diageo’s Cheif Procuement officer tells the Drum magazine why working with agencies is so important for brands, “… agencies bring different experiences and perspectives where a company or brand may need it at a given moment.”

‘Agencies continue to be vital to brands, and here’s why…’

Network Design has built a strong team of trusted professionals which we will carefully select to have the right individuals working on your account.

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