Corpus Christi College Oxford

Corpus Christi College, is one of Oxford’s oldest colleges. Founded in 1517 as a centre for new learning and home to 240 undergraduates and 115 graduate students.

The college wished to re-position how they were perceived in the academic sector and chose Network to ‘re-brand’ them. The project included the design of a new admissions prospectus and College website.

A new brand was developed for Corpus to convey a thoroughly modern and forward-looking College, recognised across all subject areas for its world-class intellect and talent and its focus on attracting the highest calibre students. The re-brand was rolled out across all College communications, new photography commissioned and admissions prospectus was designed.

The second phase of the project was the design and build of a new website to reflect the clean, fresh, contemporary feel of the re-brand. A bespoke content managed website was developed to give Corpus the ability to fully manage and update content internally. The sitemap was developed to create a structure intuitive to the user. The site includes an Alumni section with a private login area, where alumni can update their contact details which Corpus can download from the CMS and manage via their College contact database.


29 June 2020




Brand identity, Photography, Print management, Prospectus, Website, Website design & build