Amberstone Riskwatch

Amberstone Technology Ltd delivers security solutions, maintenance, and support to retail, commercial, casino/gaming, residential, logistics/supply chain, and public sectors.

Amberstone launched a new product, RiskWatch, a next-generation, fully functional Android smartwatch, featuring a range of advanced functions to monitor the location, security, and safety of lone workers in the field, including emergency services contact.

We created an identity for RiskWatch to sit within the company brand. A product brochure, exhibition panels, and banner stands were designed and produced to promote the product at trade shows.

Network created an animation of the cutting edge technology of Riskwatch to be used as a standalone sales tool and also run on a loop at an exhibition stand to create intrigue and interest. A range of branded giveaways and promotional items were produced to further promote the product at exhibitions.


29 June 2020


Product launch


Animation, Brochures, Promotional items