Stephen Perse Nurseries

Stephen Perse Nurseries are part of the Stephen Perse Foundation and offer early years provision from birth to 5 years.

Following the creation of three new nurseries within the foundation, Network designed and built a WordPress website to showcase the new locations and the provision of early years’ education for the Foundation.

We worked within the existing brand for the Stephen Perse Foundation but created an identity for the nurseries that would sit comfortably within this.

It was important to communicate the values and vision of the nurseries and ensure that the user experience was pleasing. So the use of positive photography and an easy to navigate site map was crucial.

The site is simple, on-brand and photography led.  It complements the main Stephen Perse Foundation site and has enabled the client to take control of the content management system so that they can add content as required.

Stephen Perse Nurseries website

``We are loving the nurseries' website. Thank you so much for all of your work on this website, it was a really smooth process and very speedy.`` MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER

26 June 2020


Website design & build


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